Saturday, August 22, 2009

second star to the right

First things first: thanks to Fawndear for hosting the party!

You wouldn't think that a party that starts at bedtime would be much fun...but we moved bedtime up a few hours to accommodate everyone's schedule/energy levels. Of course, we began with story-time. It seemed fitting.
And, as stories sometimes will, this one inspired action!
Before we knew it, we found ourselves in Never-Never Land, where we adventured with Fairies,...
(and where thar's Pirates, thar's treasure - Aaargh!)...
Indian Princesses...
and Lost boys.
But wouldn't you know, you can't take your eyes off the pirate for a second,
they are doers of nefarious deeds! (Watch out Tink!)
Luckily, before long we found ourselves safe & sound, back at home.
Just in time for tea.